Ryan grew up in Tarzana, California with his sister Traci and parents, Teri and Richard Rosen. His house was nestled in the hills just a couple of miles from where Britt would eventually be born to Nan and Dan Douglass.

Our paths crossed on the kickball fields, when the Douglass brothers (Matt & Greg) forced Britt to play on their kickball team – the very same team Ryan was joining. We met at the very first practice, but by the second practice, Britt didn’t remember Ryan’s name. Luckily for her, Ry did remember hers, along with her reason for leaving the first practice early -- a very important Angeleno event -- a Dodger game! (Of course he remembers anything associated with the Dodgers). After a few messages on Facebook and a handful of long telephone calls, we began a friendship.

Over the next year, we spent countless hours together designing, creating, hiking and batting (at the cages). After spending so much time together, our friendship evolved and we began dating. A year later, Ryan took Britt back to a favorite hiking spot and popped the question! The rest is history…